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Real Souvenir Publishing is a part of Newt’s Games, A Division of E-Quiver, Inc.

Tailored fundraising solution

Historical Souvenir

We use your historical or artistic photos to create a unique Real Souvenir just for your organization or community. A collectible that will be loved by your patrons and cherished by future generations.

No Out of Pocket Expense

When you use are customized fundraising program you can raise all of the funds you need to get your project printed.  This allows many small organizations to complete the project who many not have otherwise been able to.

Only History Centers

Our unique program is specifically designed for history centers or art institutions.  It is what have worked with since 2006 and we’ve decided to just stick with what we know best!

Why Real Souvenir!

It’s what we do.

We specialize in fun, Real Souvenirs for history centers and art institutions.  Our goal is to not only help you make a fun collectible for your patrons, but to help you raise much needed funds for your non-profit organization.

Creative Collectible

For your organization.

At Real Souvenir Publishing we are in the business of helping history centers get their own “creative collectible”.  Something that is often times out of reach for small organizations but a reality with our unique fundraising program.

Will You Be Next

How about it?  Does your organization like to think a little outside of the box?  Do you like to try new things?  Will you be next?

Dream Fundraiser Easy

Who are our clients?

We specialize in history centers, museums and other non-profits that are looking not only for fundraisers with little or no out of pocket expense, but Real Souvenirs that highlight their organization, community or museum.

Genealogical Societies

Genealogical Societies

Historical Societies

Historical Societies



Art Institutions

Art Institutions

Main Street

Main Street


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