Why Real Souvenir?

Over the years we have been asked what makes “Real” Souvenir Publishing special. Beyond the fact that we are one of the only publishers who create fun collectibles specifically for history centers, here are a few more reasons:

1) We create and provide customized fundraising forms that make it easier for your organization.

2) We provide the means, through our fundraising program, to allow your project to go to print with no “out of budget” expense.

3) When creating a deck of cards, we also provide a fully customized tuck box and not a generic white or gold box. Read More

4) Get your deck printed with a Limited Edition, Numbered Seal to increase value. Read More

5) We provide a solution that allows us to batch multiple projects together for order fulfillment and printing, thereby creating a custom item that normally would not be available on a small scale.

6) Our decks of cards and puzzles are printed on real, offset printers! It is not that we’re against the cards and puzzles printed on a digital copier, but when items are printed on an offset printer they look so much crisper and brighter. Not to mention the quality of our stock far surpasses that of most who print on a digital copier.

7) We are a publisher, not a printer! No offense to those that are printers, but we specialize in what we do and the product we produce. We do not just want to print the deck or puzzle and we’re done with it. We want your deck or puzzles to be the best they possibly can. So we will coach you along the way to let you know what has worked best in the past and what has not.

8) We help you create a fundraiser that doesn’t just take your patrons money and offer nothing in return. Yes, we know that just supporting your organization is VERY important, but why not offer them more. We offer a chance for folks in your area to both support your organization and they get to actually take something home.

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