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Old Time Souvenir Decks

Before modern society came along with its technology, there were decks of historical, souvenir playing cards that included unique photos on each card. The decks featured various pictures from local towns, tourist areas, or other historical events. We do still see these decks at the HUGE tourist areas, but you hardly ever see them at smaller cities, towns and villages.  It appears that at some point and time someone figured out they could save a buck if they didn’t feature unique photos on each card face. Hence came the creation of boring deck of playing cards that have a unique card back, but have normal card faces. It’s hard to point to an exact time this transition took place. All we know is it is long overdue to bring back the old!

That’s where Real Souvenir Publishing comes in to play. As a card collector, the owner of Real Souvenir was always looking for unique decks to add to his playing card collection. Decks that not only have wonderful art or information, but decks that were limited in supply. You could say a collectors dream in any part of the world.  So he started creating decks for historical centers clear across the US.

What we do here at Real Souvenir Publishing is create or help produce decks of cards with quantities that just about any small organization can do. We take their town, village, church, fair, festival, fire department, police department or just about any group and create a deck of cards for them! A deck of cards that highlights the exciting history of their organization.

One of the best parts about Real Souvenir Publishing is not only will we help your organization create a deck with no out of pocket expense, but we will help you through every step of the process. We have digital files, printed pages and more to help make the process flow easier.

One of the biggest things to remember is yes, you can do a deck of playing cards for a special occasion, but you can also do one each year or however often you wish. Each deck we do has an “Edition” number which not only lets you know where you’re at, but lets other folks know that there either was past editions or future editions will happen.

So don’t limit yourself to thinking you can only do one deck and you’re done! This is a fund raiser you can do over and over again by either changing the theme, changing the images or any thing. The options are endless and the amount of times you do a deck can be endless too!

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