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How long does it take?

This really depends on you!  Normally the fundraising portion takes about 1-2 months for most organizations. After your fundraising time it normally takes about 4-6 weeks to get the materials together, get them placed on cards, have them proofed (by you), and get ready to be printed.  Again, this really depends on how long it takes you during the proofing stage.  After your deck is ready to be printed and you give your final approval it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to get quantities of 1000-3000 back.  If you order 5000+ decks it will require more time for product to ship via sea. If you decided to print larger orders in the United States the print time will fluctuate and will be given after we prepare your deck.

Is Rush Service available?

All of our small deck quantity runs are “rush”.  To be honest it is difficult to get things printed, shipped and to your door much faster than 4-6 weeks as we already print them fast and ship them via air.

Why does this deck of cards have a retail value of $8-$12?

First we should start out with how much does a normal deck of cards cost. For a normal deck of cards with no special faces the cost is usually between $3 and $5. If you were to buy a deck of cards with unique faces the price would usually be about $6-$7. With the fact that this deck is printed in small quantities and each edition is labeled, the deck tends to not only cost a little more, but be worth a lot more!

We are a small town, how do you expect us to sell a thousand decks!?

Our smallest community to date was a population of about 500. We actually have found is it is the small towns who seem to take more pride in getting their own deck of historical playing cards. Not only has the fund raising side went well, but most of the towns sell 400-600 within the first few weeks because those who live in the community know and appreciate the history more. This gets them off to a huge start and still gives them more to sell over the next several months.

Where are the cards printed and why?

Most of our decks are printed in either India or China on 10 point (300GSM) playing card stock. The reason we do this is because it is the only way to get a high quality playing card that is printed on an offset printer, with a low minimum, at a reasonable cost. Not to mention it is the only way we could get the custom card tuck box and deck seals with the low minimums.

What if I want playing cards that are printed in the US?

For US printed cards the minimum quantity varies as the US supplier tends to change how many decks they will do during various times of the year.  There are other US suppliers who will print lower quantities throughout the year but sadly they don’t come close to the quality we bring in from other countries.  In past years the US supplier will not print small runs of 1,000 decks during the last 3-4 months of the year.  Prices fluctuate more too and will require a custom quote that is likely to change.

Why does Real Souvenir Publishing or Newt’s Playing Cards sell our cards?

To help increase awareness about your deck we “may” get a few (6-36) decks to sell in our retail store, eBay, and on our website. Each area will list your organization and encourage folks to contact you. We usually retail them for $14.95 or more.  The extra decks we get are also used to tell others about the Real Souvenir project. The cards that we get are above what you order and you do NOT pay for them.

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